Pool ID: pool1qhedx. . . .hm0rsthj38k
Pool Hash: 05f2d3793dd30. . . .70d5b10bede38
(cardano-node 1.35.3)

Ticker: SPO
Pledge: 70k₳
% Margin: 1%
Fixed Cost: 340₳

What is this pool?
STAKESIDE POOL is a Cardano stake pool with a mission to support decentralized blockchain technology. It runs on two Linux servers called Cardano nodes with one Block Producer and one Relay node. Servers are located in Germany. I plan to add more relay nodes as delegators increase.

Why stake with STAKESIDE POOL?
I'm an electronics enthusiast and run a small business called tinkerBOY where I make USB converters for old computer keyboard and mouse, Game Boy Zero controller boards, and other Arduino and Raspberry Pi related projects. I'm very passionate about electronics and blockchain technologies in general and really appreciate what Cardano is currently doing towards decentralization and related stuff and my only goal for STAKESIDE POOL is to keep my node servers running smoothly 24/7 because that is really the single most important role of a stake pool. I have more than 10 years of experience with Linux servers as well as programming skills which helps a lot with running a Cardano stake pool.

*** Stake 100 ₳DA or more and get a 30% discount off of any of my tinkerboy products at ***

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